Tevan Bhatia

Software Engineer • Research & Development • University of Toronto

Tevan Bhatia

Software Engineer • Research & Development • University of Toronto


Hi there! My name is Tevan Bhatia and I am a Senior Undergraduate Student at the University of Toronto pursuing a Specialist in Computer Science and Focus in Artificial Intelligence.

My long-term career goal would be working on R&D  the bridging of High-Performance Cloud Infrastructure and Machine Learning Systems.

My hobbies include finding good music, exploring new restaurants, and playing my electric and acoustic Guitars (Fender Telecaster and Seagull S6 respectively).

Some Recent Projects


Oracle OCI

Worked on Cloud Software, System Design, and Architecture for the Oracle Cloud (OCI) team.

Software Engineer Intern

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University of Toronto

Did R&D work on Matching Algorithms and Full-Stack Development for experiential learning partnerships with the University, alongside Software Engineering Prof. David Jorjani.

Research and Development Software Engineer

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Deloitte Global

Worked in the Global Cloud Transformation team on building a cloud platform with embedded security guardrails, automated provisioning, testing, and environment managing for a global corporation.
Gained experience in software delivery lifecycle and stakeholder management/delivery.

Cloud Engineer Intern

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  • University of Toronto (St. George Campus) – Toronto, ON

    • Hon. B.Sc. Specialist in Computer Science
    • Focus in Artificial Intelligence
  • St. Marcellinus Secondary School – Mississauga, ON

    • Ontario Scholar
    • Honor Roll (All Years)


  • 2020 UofT Hacks VIII

    • Winner in Best Database Implementation
  • 2019 University of Toronto App Development Contest for Cybersecurity

    • First Place in Best Use of Code
  • 2018 Skills Canada Website Development Contest

    • First Place Overall
    • Developed a Full Stack Website for Homeless Shelter Website Renovation


This project aims to improve on the experiential learning system with University Partnerships, reducing the load on Educators while streamlining the interactions between Students, Partners, and Educators.

R&D Full Stack Application for Experiential Learning University Partnerships

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Inspired by websites such as backyard.co which allow users to have optional video chats and play various games together, we created a website that enforces active video chat by making games that heavily rely on or used videos to function.

UofT Hacks VIII Winner

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Full-Stack Web Application Project with a Laravel / Node.js backend and Vue.js front-end.

Service Business Order Automation Web System

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Zoog Blaster

Fully Object Oriented Design, Coded from Scratch using Java, Basic Genetic Algorithm and Pathing Algorithm, Java API (GUI, Timers, Advanced Data Structures.

2-D Level-Based Shooting Game with Sandbox Tools

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Simple C Server showcasing the use of TCP Sockets and proficiency with Machine-Oriented Programming and Linked List based user connection storage

TCP Network Server Built in C

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Proficiency in various JavaScript libraries such as React, Angular, and Vue for front-end and JavaScript backend libraries like Node/Express, Laravel for PHP (full secure REST API Development in both), and more niche languages like Go.

Through various personal, side, and client projects, I have years of experience in UX/UI design, HTML, CSS as a part of front-end development, and modern security standards including SSL and SMTP policies.

For server-work I’ve use AWS for Hosting and Cloud Computing services.

Databases used in projects include SQL, MongoDB, Firebase, and CockroachDB.

Worked with implementation, training, and evaluation of k-Nearest Neighbours and Logistic Regression models for classification of classic MNIST digit datasets.

Used Python Scikit-learn, Numpy, Scipy, TensorFlor, Pandas, Matplotlib libraries.

Experimented with Nvidia CUDA Toolkit for Image Processing using RTX 3000 series GPUs.

  • Machine Oriented Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Operating Systems (File Systems, Concurrency, Processes and Threads, Memory Management)
  • Software Tools, Pipes, Filters, File Processing, System Calls, Signals
  • Event-Driven Programming
  • Abstract Data Types (Linked Lists, Recursive Data Structures)
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Algorithms